Audio Fabric Wants You To Stop Surfing For Gear P0rn & To Start Jamming On the Net Instead

Audio FabricRaveta has announced the release of Audio Fabric, a new service that lets musicians jam together live over the Internet, using any type of instrument – acoustic, electric, MIDI, or voice.

Musicians in different locations can play together as if they are in the same room using their ordinary broadband Internet connections. Audio Fabric also enables musicians to find each other, record their sessions, store sessions in a band archive, and make their music available for the world to hear.

Just last month, eJamming introduced eJamming AUDiiO, an Internet service and software for musicians that lets you collaborate with others in real-time over the Internet.

Musicians can download the Audio Fabric Desktop software, plug their instrument or microphone into their computer sound card or audio interface, and in minutes will be jamming online. Audio Fabric Desktop locates the participants for a session, synchronizes their sounds, and delivers the signal to all the collaborators with extremely low latency. All users can record their sessions, import the sessions into music editing software, participate in an unlimited number of Groups, and invite other musicians to join the Groups they create. Users can also take advantage of the web site features, such as store session files, download music files, and utilize the calendaring and message forums for communications within their Groups.

“Hundreds of musicians from around the world registered during Audio Fabric’s beta period. Now that the service is in general release, we expect thousands of others to join in,” said Rik Frost, Director of Business Development for Raveta. “My old college band mates and I are able to jam again even though we live all over California!”

Audio Fabric Desktop is available in two versions. The Silver Audio Fabric Desktop is free for all musicians. The Gold Audio Fabric Desktop, available for a low monthly fee, allows more collaborators in a session and better quality sound.

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