Dan Armstrong Intros The Black Reaper Sound Modifier

Dan Armstrong Black ReaperGrafton Electronics, under license from Dan Armstrong Enterprises, announced a new unit to its line of Armstrong Sound Modifiers. The Black Reaper, introduced at the NAMM Show, is the newest sound modifier added to the series, which includes Red Ranger, Purple Peaker, Green Ringer, Yellow Humper, Blue Clipper, and Orange Squeezer. Each Black Reaper is hand built in the United States.

The Black Reaper modifies the mid-range frequencies by decreasing their level, giving a richer and more rounded sound across the entire range. It is a simple to use unit that can remove higher volume mid-range frequencies to produce richer full-range level.

Black Reaper is made with a hand-wound open choke coil designed by Kent Armstrong (Dan Armstrong’s son and one of the foremost pickup designers in the industry). Dan Armstrong designed the Black Reaper before his death in 2004. The year 2007 marks its first production.

“I’m pleased to finally see Black Reaper in production in this form. I have been mounting it onto guitars for years and always thought it would make a great add-on to the Dan Armstrong range. This is an ideal box for both amateur and professional musicians.” …Kent Armstrong

Originally designed for electric guitars, Dan Armstrong’s simple, compact and rugged accessories can plug into any electrified instrument. Each Black Reaper is built in a sturdy, attractive aluminum housing with only the finest quality components.


  • 59 mm wide x 59 mm high x 70 mm deep
  • Unit protrudes only 43 mm from the face of a guitar
  • Weighs 41/2 oz.
  • Hand made and hand assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Built using authentic Dan Armstrong designs
  • MSRP $147.95
  • Available in Vintage or Extended plug for those guitars that have a recessed jack

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