Digidesign Wants To Delay Your Music….And Saturate It, Too

Denon Reel Tape Effects

NAMM: Digidesign announced Reel Tape Suite, a set of analog tape emulation plug-ins that re-create the warmth of analog tape recordings and tape effects in digital recordings or live audio. Digidesign Reel Tape Suite, which operates as an AudioSuite, TDM, and RTAS plug-in, brings the vintage sound of analog gear to digital audio while providing all the advantages of today’s state-of-the-art digital effects processors.

“The ICON/Pro Tools product family offers world-class creative options for mix automation, control, editing, and composition,” says Digidesign General Manager Dave Lebolt. “A new challenge that we’re very interested in is technology that enables mixers to achieve convincing and desirable ‘analog coloration’ within our system. The Reel Tape Suite plug-ins embody the warmth and vibe that analog tape imparts to audio signals. They represent an ideal introduction to a new palette of options we’re developing to deliver this sought-after, essential ‘analog character’ in the digital domain.”

Reel Tape Suite features three plug-ins: Reel Tape Saturation, Reel Tape Delay, and Reel Tape Flanger. Reel Tape Saturation, which will also be offered apart from the suite, simulates analog tape saturation effects by modeling analog tape machine and tape formulation characteristics. Reel Tape Delay simulates classic tape echo effects while providing precise control over regenerating echoes. And Reel Tape Flanger simulates tape machine flanging effects.

“Reel Tape Saturation is the ‘missing link’ between analog recording and digital recording,” says Danny Caccavo, Digidesign product manager. “Its tape saturation doesn’t sound like a compressor or a distortion device—it warms up digital recordings in a very familiar and musical way. Reel Tape Delay is great because it just works—you put it on and you’re done. There’s no need to tweak the sound of the delay to make it fit. You can also perform great dub-style tape regenerating feedback while varying the speed. And with Reel Tape Flanger, you can even manually perform flanges or automatic double tracking (ADT) effects on vocals, guitars, or even sections of the entire mix.”

Each Reel Tape Suite plug-in offers a full range of controls to fine-tune the character of the effects. Select from the response characteristics of three different tape recorders and two different tape formulations. Alter the tape speed or feedback level and the bass and treble feedback response of the Reel Tape Delay. Adjust the LFO rate and depth, wow and flutter, and delay time of the Reel Tape Flanger. And dial in the drive, noise, tape machine bias, and level calibration of the Reel Tape Saturation for just the right result.

Digidesign Reel Tape Suite will be available soon for USD $495. Reel Tape Saturation will be available soon for USD $295.

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