E-MU Intros Emulator X2 Platinum 64-Bit Streaming Sampling Synthesizer

E-Mu Proteus X2NAMM: E-MU Systems announced the new Emulator X2 Platinum Streaming Sampling Synthesizer, which offers both 32-bit and native 64-bit applications, multi-processor and multi-threading support, and includes over 20GB of sounds. Its sound library includes over 5,500 instruments that include everything from vintage keyboards and orchestral instruments to the Hip-Hop and Electronica soundsets of E-MU’s legendary hardware modules.

Emulator X2 Platinum features E-MU’s Xstream streaming sound engine with up to 192kHz sampling and playback, an arsenal of automated sampling/beat analysis/editing tools and almost unlimited sound manipulation that builds on E-MU’s 35 years of synthesis experience.

Emulator X2 Platinum will ship in late Spring 2007 at an estimated street price of $499.99. A 64-bit upgrade will also be available to all current Emulator X2 owners direct from E-MU for $79.99.

Emulator X2 Platinum ships with:

  • 32-bit Emulator X2 Application (Windows XP/Vista)
  • 64-bit Emulator X2 Application (Windows x64/Vista)
  • Over 20GB of Sounds
  • Xmidi 2×2 USB MIDI Interface

Emulator X2 Platinum features


  • Xstream™ 24-bit/192kHz Streaming Engine, featuring E-MU’s patented pitch interpolation and precision 32-bit floating point processing for unmatched sound quality
  • 32-bit and native 64-bit applications included (32-bit: Windows XP and Vista; 64-bit: Windows x64 and Vista)
  • Optimized for Multi-core and Multi-Threaded processors to intelligently balance the processing load across all available resources for exceptional performance
  • Standalone (64 MIDI Channels) or VSTi (16 MIDI channels per instantiation) operation


  • ASAP™ Automated Sampling and Placement
  • Sample, Chop and Place
  • Load, Chop and Place
  • SynthSwipe™ automated hardware and software instrument sampling
  • Integrated Sample Editor
    • Auto-Correlation Looping
    • Crossfade Looping
    • Comprehensive DSP Tools including Transform Multiply
    • External Editor Link
  • Beat/Loop Tools
    • Beat Analysis and Markup
    • TwistaLoop™ non-destructive audio manipulator
    • Xplode™ beat slicer with MIDI and Tempo Map Export


  • Advanced Modular Synthesis and FX Engine (from your initial sample’s tempo through Emulator X2’s entire synthesis and FX architecture, all time-based parameters syncable to BPM clock)
    • 12th Order Z-Plane™ Morphing Filters (over 50 types) including the Morph Filter Designer
    • Multi-Function Generators/Arpeggiators (can be programmed to modulate pitch, filters, volume, retrigger samples or LFOs, change tempo or trigger other events)
    • Virtual PatchCord Modulation Matrix (over 100 modules)
    • Integrated Modulation FX engine (23 core effects), including SP12ulator, Tremulator, Reverbs, Delays, and many more
  • Over 20GB of sounds (over 5,500 instruments) from E-MU’s premier sound library, including:
    • Platinum 88 and Studio Grand piano libraries
    • Vintage X Pro Library – three volumes of classic keyboards and synths (over 10GB)
    • Every last sample from E-MU’s legendary Proteus 2000, Xtreme Lead-1, Mo’Phatt, Planet Earth, and Virtuoso 2000 sound modules and PX-7 Command Station – everything from Hip-Hop and Dance genres to comprehensive orchestral and world instrument collections
  • Comprehensive sound format support, including EOS, EIII, GigaSampler, MP3, REX2, .AIFF, SoundFont 2.1, .WAV and more

Xmidi 2×2 USB MIDI Interface

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