Native Instruments Massive Gets More Massiver, 303 Filter

Native Instruments MassiveNative Instruments‘ Massive 1.1 is now available, featuring 140 new sounds, virtual-analog oscillator modes, an Acid Filter and a Hardclipper Effect, adding “even more beef to the already enormous sound spectrum of Massive”.

Registered Massive customers receive the update for free. For everyone else a new demo version for Mac and PC is available for download.

New Features:

  • 140 brand-new sounds and additional wavetable content
  • New Virtual Analog Oscillator Modes
  • New ‘Acid’ Filter
  • New ‘Hardclipper’ insert effect
  • Many usability improvements

New Features in Detail:

New Sounds and Wave Table Content

MASSIVE now features more than 600 presets, with the addition of 140 new sounds in version 1.1. The added sounds in this version take advantage of the new features – in particular the Virtual Analog Oscillator Modes. The focus is on producers looking for expressive playability and dynamic sounds.

Beyond that, three new noise sounds for the noise generator and three additional wavetables for the oscillators have been integrated, extending the sonic possibilities even further.

Virtual Analog Oscillator

A brand new feature has been added to the oscillator section which opens up the spectrum of pulse width modulation and sync sounds, added even richer and more organic sonic options to MASSIVE’s arsenal.

Acid Filter

A new filter called “Acid” has been added to the filter section. This particular filter was modeled after a famous little silver groovebox. The total number of filter types is now 12!

Hardclipper effect

This new feature clips the signal at the selected threshold (defined by the drive knob), producing a radical distortion effect, even more devastating than the Parabolic or Sinus effects in Massive 1.0.

Audio Engine Quality Selector

The settings for audio engine quality (Ultra, High and Economy) are now easy accessible and are located directly in the header view.
Usability improvements

  • reworked randomize section
  • random function for performer and stepper curves
  • editable envelope curve
  • flexible number of break points on keytracking curves
  • database activity display

One thought on “Native Instruments Massive Gets More Massiver, 303 Filter

  1. I played around with the demo version of Massive. It has an awesome, thick sound. One thing that stood out right away was the seriously severe way the filters can mangle the signals. They all have a little extra “oomph”.

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