Redmatica Releases Keymap Editor For EXS24 Sampler

Winter NAMM: Redmatica has released Keymap, its advanced editor for the EXS24 sampler.

Keymap makes it easy to create and edit sampled instruments on your computer, and with its tools and functions you can easily convert your samples in great sounding sampled instruments. Import your EXS24 instruments, loop your samples, use Harmonic Resynthesis to reshape sounds and use a variety of pitch detection mapping tools for getting to the result very quickly, without leaving the Keymap environment.

When you are ready to use your instruments in your music, you can export them as industry-standard Logic/Logic Express EXS24 instrument files and samples. Each sample file created by Keymap always contains full mapping details so that it can be imported in any sampler application.

Redmatica has created a series of videos that demonstrate how Keymap works – an example is avalable below.

Main features:

  • Load/Save EXS24 format
  • Hybrid virtual memory audio engine supports directly WAVE, AIFF, MP3 and AAC
  • Multichannel sample support (>2 channels)
  • Autolooping
  • Autosplit and Automap using pitch detection
  • Harmonic resynthesis with control over pitch, formant, time and amp
  • Polyphonation
  • Dynamic velocity remapping
  • Quadrasmooth
  • Surround and spatialization mixer supporting 2.0 4.0 and 5.0
  • Drag and drop
  • Everything is real-time and non-destructive
  • Universal binary for Mac OSX 10.4

Price is 195 euro.

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