New Dual-Element Studio Microphone Offers Five Polar Patterns

Radial Gefell MicrophoneWinter NAMM Show: Radial Engineering has announced the Gefell UM930 Multi-Pattern condenser microphone.

Unfortunately for the mere mortals among us, the mic lists for $6,000.

Designed to meet the needs of professional and semi-pro users in professional music and broadcast applications, the UM930 features two large (1″) diaphragms mounted on separate elements, allowing for individual control over the applied voltages. This allows for the 5 selectable polar patterns (omni, wide-cardioid, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and figure-8) to be controlled with greater accuracy resulting in improved spatial imaging. The UM930 is self-muting when switching polar patterns, and is internally shock mounted to dampen vibrations.

The UM930 is powered via standard 48V phantom power, utilizing an optical DC to DC converter which results in 135dB of dynamic range, an incredible maximum SPL rating of 142dB, and reduces overall self-noise to 7dB-A.

Two models will be available: A standard 3 pin XLR version with on-board polar pattern selector (UM930), and a 5pin XLR version (M 930 Twin) featuring fixed dual channel operation, allowing the engineer to have true single point source control with unlimited pattern variations.

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