New Bass Traps Inspired By Ikea

Primacoustic FullTrapNAMM Update: Primacoustic announced two new bass traps to augment its line of acoustical solutions, the Fulltrap and Halftrap.

Both units ship flat for easy handling plus cost effective freight and then can be easily assembled and mounted in corners or on walls in minutes. They feature an attractive black wood-composite outer shell, fiberglass absorptive panel, inner resonating membrane and easy mount wall adaptors.

According to company president Peter Janis: “The challenge with bass traps is that for them to be effective, they must be large, deep and incorporate an air cavity where the bass can be absorbed. Because of the size, they become expensive to ship. For this reason, most acousticians tend to suggest a built-in bass traps as part of the room design which of course makes them somewhat expensive.”

“We looked at the huge success Ikea is enjoying by providing easy to assemble kits that the average person can put together with only a screwdriver, stapler and hammer. We then applied this concept to creating a bass trap and the result is our new Primacoustic Fulltrap.”

Two models are offered: The Fulltrap which is approximately 24″ wide x 48″ high and 8 inches deep and the Halftrap which is approximately 12″ wide x 48″ high and 6″ deep.

Both traps are made from high-density wood composite with a black, easy to clean melamine finish. The front absorptive panel is made from 6lb per cubic foot high-density encapsulated fiberglass. Behind the panel is a stretched membrane that acts as a low frequency resonator. The science is based on thermo-dynamic energy transfer, whereby sound penetrating the Fulltrap causes the glass fibers and membrane to vibrate which in turn, convert the acoustic energy into heat. Estimated low frequency absorption will be between 65Hz and 100Hz depending the final outcome from tests.

Each kit contains the absorptive panel, resonant membrane, the sides and top, easy-build hardware and wall mounting bracket and building a Fulltrap takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Available Mar 07 (est)

Fulltrap list price: $250 USD
Halftrap list price: $150 USD

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