Noveltech Audio Launches New-Generation Vocal Enhancer For PowerCore Platform

Noveltech vocal processor powercore

Noveltech Audio‘s new Vocal Enhancer presents a new approach to vocal sound processing.

Vocal Enhancer utilizes the company’s patented IAF (Intelligent Adaptive Filtering) technology to boost the material’s “desired” characteristics dynamically, instead of performing a static boost of certain frequency areas like an EQ – or adding harmonics artificially like conventional Enhancers. As the algorithm constantly adapts to the source material, the results sound natural even when applying high amounts of processing.

Another advantage of IAF is, that it makes the Enhancer easy to use: the Plug-In only requires two user parameters for basic operation, with an additional 2-band filter section for fast fine-tuning.

Vocal Enhancer is available for PowerCore on Mac and PC (Intel Macs not supported yet), and is compatible with all host applications capable of running PowerCore Plug-Ins, such as Cubase, Logic or Nuendo.

Key Features:

  • Clean: Crisp and natural sounding results without artifacts
  • Powerful: Much larger processing ranges than conventional enhancers
  • No listening fatigue
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Pinpoint accuracy: Low and High filters with resonance allow for precise adjustment and accentuation of corner frequencies
  • Adaptive processing ensures instant gratification
  • Patent-pending Noveltech IAF processing engine

System Requirements:

  • Computer with Windows XP or Mac OS X equipped to TC Electronic’s requirements for running PowerCore hardware
  • Host software capable of loading PowerCore Plug-Ins (Cubase, Logic, Nuendo, etc.)
  • Not Intel-Mac compatible at this time – a free update will be made available shortly after the release of a compatible PowerCore software version by TC

Pricing / Availability

The plug-in is available online from Noveltech’s webstore and costs EUR 299 inc. VAT.

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