Numark Intros Three-Way Video Display Monitor

Numark Three-way Video System

Numark introduced one of the sexiest new computer music tools shown at Winter NAMM, its new VM03MKII three-screen video display monitor.

The VM03MKII is a three-screen / six-input LCD video display monitor designed for any video monitoring application. Video producers, engineers, DJs and VJs can position the viewing angle of the unit up to 96 degrees. This is ideal for both DJ and broadcast situations, where limited space may prohibit easy viewing.

The VM03MKII expands on its predecessor, the Numark VM03, by increasing each video screen’s size from 5″ to 5.6″; improving the tilt-adjustment feature for an even better viewing angle; and adding adjustable on-screen brightness, color, contrast, tint and sharpness controls for each of the three monitors.

The VM03MKII allows users to preview and view video sources on rugged, high-quality monitors that can be configured either as a rack mount (occupying three rack spaces) or as a tabletop unit.

The VM03MKII features three 5.6-inch diagonal color TFT-LCD screens, each with two composite video inputs and a built-in video switch to allow monitoring of up to six video sources. With its pass-through output, the VM03MKII allows daisy-chaining to another video input device.

The VM03MKII is shipping now.

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