Vestax Announces The VCI-100 DJ MIDI Controller

Vestax VJ

Vestax has introduced the VCI-100 DJ MIDI controller. USB based and featuring two jog wheels with sensor and control technology from Vestax’s turntables, the VCI-100 provides DJs and Producers with the “feel” of hardware mixing in the software realm.

Vestax has utilized its vest experience as the best DJ hardware manufacturer in the DJ market to design a control surface that serves the Professional DJ/Producer’s real time mixing needs. The VCI-100 provides features that blur the line between hardware mixing and software control. The chassis is roughly the size of a standard Laptop, thin but highly durable, compact, and convenient for transportation.

The key to any professional DJ set up is the quality and feel of the “platters.” The JOG wheel controls on the VCI-100 are constructed with high resolution pulse sensors, touch sensors, and acrylic platter mechanisms. With this combination, operations such as pitch bending, scanning and scratching can be performed with speed and accuracy. 66 software parameters are assignable to the VCI-100’s control section via USB MIDI IN/OUT.

The crossfader curve is adjustable to the user’s preference and the fader movement resistance is calculated on the fly by the VCI-100’s CPU as the data is streamed to the software, therefore, the crossfader curve is customizable regardless if that feature is available in a particular software package.

DJs can get up and running immediately with the included TRAKTOR LE from Native Instruments, and Vestax has created exclusive control assignment files that provide seamless and intuitive control of the TRAKTOR LE software. The VCI-100 is compatible with all software that allows MIDI control assignment and is plug & play with Apple and Windows computers.

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  1. Since this is a midi controller you would not able to monitor your mix right? This product would be usless for me if I can’t.

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