Fixed Noise Announces Teddy Riley’s Sound Library

Fixed Noise has announced the development of legendary producer Teddy Riley’s exclusive sound library.

Teddy Riley, who is as influential as the artists he works with (Michael Jackson, Blackstreet, Dr. Dre, the Neptunes, Jay-Z, Guy, Foxy Brown and many others), will be compiling his extensive collection of sounds into an audio encyclopedia of R&B and hip-hop production. Riley’s library will give access to his legendary sounds and a look at where he plans to take the future of pop music.

Like other Fixed Noise libraries, it will utilize the Kontakt 2 Player from Native Instruments. The library will be released in the third quarter of 2007.

2 thoughts on “Fixed Noise Announces Teddy Riley’s Sound Library

  1. This sound library never came. Over at they closed a thread on this topic because they are zephonic silver sonya malgfunk and Retrofreak are unrealistic cult followers and couldn't handle the truth that They know nothing about music and were getting their butts handed to them. Sad.

  2. Originally Posted by malgfunk
    Teddy is a great producer/musician, and his contribution to music was without equal during the '90s. I believe Teddy will be more relevant in the near future due to the full-circle effect in creativity and public taste.

    Originally Posted by zephonic
    And if you were to ask Dr.Dre, he'll tell you that TR changed the way people mix records. Timbaland will tell you the same. So will Devante.
    I maintain that his concept of sound has changed the way people hear.

    This is so sad. Dr. Dre, Devante, Timbaland, or anyone else wouldn't say anything like this because you don't know them and haven't talked to them. You're a cult follower and a loser at it. Downright stupid And then, RetroStupid C/Ses on it. Should have been CF = CULT FOLLOWERS and now, LIERS. Losers.

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