DUY Releases DaD Tape Plug-In For RTAS, AU, VST, And MAS

DUYDUY has announced that DaD Tape is now available as an RTAS, Audio Units, VST and MAS plug-in.

DUY DaD Tape was originally developed for TDM in the mid-90s to satisfy the needs of digital recording technology, and escape the “cold digital recording media”. To achieve the desired results, four of the most representative tape machines in the market were physically modelled.

DUY also simulated three of the most common noise reduction systems, and even added a proprietary noiseless-tape mode. All these features are integrated into DUY DaD Tape, along with a switch that allows to switch between tape speeds. The plug-in has become a standard when it gets to delivering an analog tape character to a final mix or a section.

DaD Tape’s features:

  • Real analog tape sound, with classic warmth, within the digital domain, and with characteristics and control impossible to achieve in conventional tape recorders
  • Modelling of the four most representative tape recorders on the market: an old vintage machine with valve circuitry, a transistor-based machine of the late 60’s, an operational amplifier-based machine of the 70’s and a machine of the latest generation
  • Simulation of the three most common noise reduction systems, plus a proprietary noiseless-tape mode
  • Switchable tape speed (7 1/2 ips – 15 ips – 30 ips) allows maximum control and even permits unusual combinations of tape recorders and speeds
  • Easy and intuitive user interface

DaD Tape Applications:

  • DaD Tape rounds off peak transients and adds warmth to electronic and acoustic instruments, either individually or by sections or sub-mixes
  • Especially suitable for percussive sounds
  • Mastering of complete mixes

Pricing and availability:

DUY DaD Tape for RTAS, AU, VST and MAS is shipping now, and is priced at 299 EUR.

DUY offers a special price of 239 EUR for registered users of EverPack 2.5 & 3, Magic Spectrum 1.0 or MagicEQ LE 1.0.

This native version of DUY DaD Tape can also be purchased as any of the multiple native bundles containing it.

System requirements & authorization:

Mac OSX 10.3.9 or higher is required. The software can be authorized on an iLok via ilok.com, or onto the hard disk using standard disk-based authorization.

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