Erik Wøllo – Elevations

Elevations, the latest release on the Spotted Peccary label by Erik Wøllo, is a chilled collection of ambient electronica.

Wøllo is a guitarist, synthesist and composer. His music on Elevations features atmospheric guitar placed in ambient or downtempo electronic contexts. His guitar style brings to mind the work of Terje Rypdal and Robert Rich – he plays in a very expressive way, but doesn’t rely on traditional jazz or rock stylings.

Wøllo uses a variety of instruments to create his pieces, ranging from guitar synth and acoustic guitar to keyboards to virtual instruments of his own design.

The music on Elevations covers a lot of territory. Tracks like Blue Odyssey have more of a downtempo feel because of their rhythm section; Skyscape moves into space music territory; and The Land of Birds has a blissful ambient feel.

One of the highlights of the CD is Evolution. Wøllo starts it off with synth strings and sequenced keyboard, creating a spacious feel, then layers on guitar and other instruments to build intensity before returning to the mood of the piece’s beginning. Another highlight is Sphere – Into The Dream, a hypnotic piece built around minimal guitar riffs.

Elevations is an evocative work that fans of ambient & downtempo electronica should check out. You can preview Wøllo’s music at his site.


  • Elevation
  • Blue Odyssey
  • The Wanderer
  • Evolution
  • Sphere – Into the Dream
  • Red Odyssey
  • Novalis
  • A Sea of Steps
  • Skyscape
  • Green Odyssey
  • Arrow of Time
  • The Land of Birds

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