Help Find BT’s Gear; $20,000 Reward Offered

BTBT recently had $150,000 of his gear stolen, including a Dave Smith Poly Evolover, a Hartmann Neuron and his computer system with his This Binary Universe work.

To get them back, BT is offering a $20,000 reward or equivalent time as a producer to anyone who can help him get the name and address of the perpetrators. Presumably, he’s wants to go down and open a can of whoopass on them.

BT also wants to initiate a project to help avoid this happening to others.

He wants to start a subscription service to register and thumbprint gear, so it can be easily traced to retailers and online auction sites. He also wants to set up a program so that musicians can donate outdated gear to go to people that can’t afford their own gear.

Sounds like a creative response to a bad situation. Check out the list of BT’s stolen gear, and maybe you can help him find it.

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