Pro-Sounds Updates A-1 Xtreme And Wusikstation Tesseract Sound Banks

Pro-Sounds has released v1.1 updates of their A-1 Xtreme and Wusikstation Tesseract sound-banks.

Changes to the Xtreme bank for Waldorf’s A-1:

  • Volumes normalized throughout the bank
  • The bank is now shipped in both FXB and FXP file formats
  • The bank now ships with a patch listing

Changes to the Tesseract bank for Wusikstation:

  • The bank is now fully compatable with the new Wusikstation Categorized Library System
  • The Tesseract Skin has been updated in accordance with changes made to the skinning engine in Wusikstation v3.1.2

Registered users of each sound-bank may obtain the updates by logging into his or her download area and redownloading the respective product.

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