Sinevibes Releases SP-404 Recharger Sound Library

SP-404Sinevibes has announced the release of the SP-404 Recharger sound library for the Roland SP-404 sampler.

Developed especially for those who are tired of countless reincarnations of the same old sounds, the SP-404 Recharger library features hot drums, percussion and effects which were painstakingly created from the ground up – kicks, snares, toms, claps, congas, hats, as well as scratches, spectral, vocoder sounds and more.

Covering styles from hip hop, neo soul and r’n’b to break beats, electro, lo-fi and drum’n’bass, this library ensures fresh and exclusive new materials ready to shake dance floors and rock productions. Combined with pre-made groovy beats, SP-404 Recharger turns your portable sampler into a real 21st century drum machine monster.

SP-404 Recharger features a total of 8 drum kits comprised of 96 samples, plus extra 36 beats. In addition to complete loading instructions, the owner’s manual includes some tips and tricks on creating your own beats.

Pricing and Availability:

SP-404 Recharger is immediately available as a download for $19 / €15.

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