New App Streamlines Audio Processing

Minnetonka AudioTools Batch Pro

Minnetonka Audio Software has introduced AudioTools Batch Pro, a fully automated processing tool for audio assets.

Batch Pro is a flexible, easy to use, and powerful tool for converting, transcoding, encoding, and applying plug-ins to sets of audio files in a batch mode. Users specify input files, configure a chain of processors, set parameters for each processor, and run the job.

All files are automatically processed and placed in the specified output location. Integrated access to vintage analog processors and external digital processors, Minnetonka Audio’s Surcode encoders, and VST plug-ins including stereo and surround is possible.

“Batch Pro was designed as the first step in a structured audio workflow, and rigorously beta tested by the industry’s best and brightest, in answer to our clients and colleagues who have been frustrated with the cost in time, money and resources associated with traditional file-processing solutions,” said Steve Clarke, Director of Marketing, Minnetonka Audio Software.

Audio production departments manage large numbers of audio files, requiring different file formats, sample rates, compression formats, and processing requirements – and often by hand with its attendant quality control issues. AudioTools Batch Pro is deisgned to solve these problems.

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