Catherine Duc – Visions and Dreams

Catherine Duc’s Visions and Dreams is a melodic new age CD in the vein of groups like Deep Forest, Enigma and Enya. Her music combines elements of world music, with a Celtic vibe and the use of sampled “world music” instrumentation.

“Fusing world music with electronica has become quite popular,” Duc said. “Often artists choose Middle Eastern or African themes. I was interested in the possibilities of mixing Celtic motifs with ambient, trance and electronica.”

Duc shows an ear for attractive melodies and orchestration. She uses sampled virtual instruments for melodies throughout the CD.

While this expands the range of sounds, you can’t help but think that her melodies would have sounded more lyrical played on the actual instruments, and that other musicians could have helped bring the music to life.

You can preview Duc’s Essence of Dreams below, and find out more about her and her music at her site.


  • Essence of Dreams
  • Dancing in The Mist
  • Evocation
  • One Autumn Day
  • Secret Sanctuary
  • Heart of Andalucia
  • Midsummer Twilight
  • Incense
  • Rivulet
    In The Light of Day

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