New CD A Modular Synth-fest

Obsessive SurrealismUK electronic label DIN has released a new CD by Parallel Worlds, the main project for the Greek musician Bakis Sirros.

Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26) is his fourth album, having previously released Existence in 2003, Insight in 2004 and Far Away Light in 2005. He has also had tracks included on several compilation releases.

Bakis is an advocate of modular analog modular instruments and is the moderator for the Doepfer A100 modular users group. He has also been extensively involved with sound design for the UK analog modular synthesiser company Analogue Systems.

Sirros’ CD looks to be a modular synth-fest. Here’s a selected gear list:

Doepfer A100 modular, Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular, Technosaurus System D modular, modified EMS VCS-3 (x2), ARP 2600, Odyssey, Roland System 100, System 100m, modified Oberheim 2-voice, Korg MS50, MS20, SQ10, Trident, PE1000, Analogue Solutions Concussor modular, modified TR606, Nord modular, JP8000, Microwave XT, MS2000R, S750, Emax 2, Korg ES1, Roland Space Echo, Korg SE500, additional sound manipulators.

We haven’t had a chance to review this one yet – but the MP3 preview (below) sounds interesting.


The music of Parallel Worlds is a combination of dreamy, atmospheric textures and pure analogue electronic rhythms and sequences, combining the feel of 70‘s electronic music with modern electronica and ambient music. Sirros uses huge analogue modular instruments and analogue step sequencers of the past and present combined with digital FM, virtual analogue synths and sampling. However he manages to elude the fate of many of his contemporaries in not falling into the trap of simply recycling the past. He creates a music that lives and breathes, imbued with his own personality and mannerisms. At one and the same time familiar and fresh. Steady, organic rhythmic structures are overlaid with deceptively simple melodies that remind one of some lost John Carpenter soundtrack.

Sirros has been active in the Greek electronic music scene since 1998. He is also involved with other muscians in collaborative work. The new IDM project Interconnected with the German IDM musician Ingo Zobel and the ambient / experimental project Memory Geist with the Australian electronica musician Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission).


  • Beneath Fear ( 6.06 )
  • Different Pathways ( 5.18 )
  • Empty Human Cells ( 3.38 )
  • Increasing Complexity ( 5.52 )
  • Into the Caves of the Mind ( 4.50 )
  • Interlude ( 2.09 )
  • Reflective ( 9.32 )
  • Mindmists ( 8.49 )
  • Pale Yellow Sky ( 5.42 )
  • Distracted ( 6.57 )
  • Crying Spells ( 4.15 )

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