AudioWarrior Intros Master Songwriter Kontakt2 Workstation Library

Master SongwriterAudioWarrior has introduced Master Songwriter Kontakt2 Workstation, a new sample library that includes a large selection of professional grade instruments and MULTI’S.

Included instruments include flexible auto-strumming acoustic and electric guitars, Elektrik-Lead-Guitar that you can dive bomb with the pitch wheel like a whammy bar, analogue synth racks with leads, pads, bass, FX, drums, choir, 30 acoustic and electric drum kits, world percussion, organs, pianos, and the legendary One-Man-Orchestra Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.

Instruments and Sounds

  • Acoustic dreadnought guitar (rhythm/lead) with iStrum® MIDI patterns which provide a total of 1700 auto-strumming possibilities
  • 85 patent-pending Audiowarrior G-Mapped Chords may also be manually strummed on a non-weighted keyboard
  • Elektrik lead guitar with alternating harmonics and power chords
  • 30 drum kits plus 12 world percussion instruments (All top quality maple and birch)
  • Axe-N-Skin double bass drums
  • KONTAKT 2 Bass Rig (J-Bass-Slap Bass-Acoustic Upright-18 Synth Basses)
  • Banghis Khan (Vintage Ludwig®)
  • Nu-Age choir with vowel modeling [A E I O U]
  • The Seven Deadly Synths: Based on some of the most sought-after synths with evolving analogue pads, FX, basses, leads
  • The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ (One Man Orchestra)
  • Chrysoglott: bell-chimes
  • Clarinet
  • Diapason: main chamber pipes
  • Concert Flute
  • Solo Chimes
  • Solo English Horns
  • Solo Glock
  • Solo Orchestra Bells
  • Solo Orchestra Oboe
  • Solo Tibia
  • Solo Tuba
  • Solo Vox Humana Tremolo
  • Solo Xylophone
  • Solo Violin
  • Solo Traps which actually are inside the Wurlitzer, sometimes called ‘Toy Counters’ which include:
    • Kettle Drum, Bass Drum, Tom Tom, Tambourine, Sleigh Bells, Castanets, Crash Cymbal, Tap Cymbal, Snare Roll
  • Pianos & Organs (Two sparkling|warm acoustic grands, expressive Rhodes that’s soft and bell-like when played easy, hard-edged and gritty when played hard, swirling B3, classic Wurly electric piano, bellowing Quasimoto cathedral pipes)
  • Vintage 1963 Collector’s Silvertone clean electric rhythm/lead with iStrum® MIDI patterns for a total of 1700 auto-strumming possibilities
  • Bryan ‘Brain’ Mantia Drum Track Builder: Extremely flexible drag & drop drum beats with corresponding MIDI files including THE BRAIN CONSTRUCTION DRUM KIT based on the REX2 files
  • Scott Rockenfield Drum Track Builder: An adaptable set of drag & drop drum beats with corresponding MIDI files including THE ROCKENFIELD CONSTRUCTION DRUM KIT based on the REX2 files

Mix, match, and layer sounds to create brand new unheard-of combination instruments, all expertly recorded, mastered, and programmed.

ReWire Master Songwriter into Pro Tools and Cubase via KONTAKT2’s ReWire or RTAS VSTi/AU capability.

Requires KONTAKT2 or higher
For Mac OS X and Windows XP
3.3 GB of High Fidelity Instrument Fuel | DVD or Download

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