Custom Synth Service Hot Rods Your Gear

Custom Synth MC909Custom Synth, a UK service from Jeff Toman that offers restoration and renovation of classic gear. They can give worn gear a “face lift”, or hot rod it with new end cheeks, front panels and decals.

Yes – that’s a Roland MC909 with wood end panels in the photo, right. They provide replacement wood parts for older synths, but they also offer them for modern gear, too. The 909 looks pretty sweet with the end panels, and probably will stand up to abuse better with the wood panels.

Here’s a hot-rodded version of the Sequential Circuits 6-Track, with chrome face and wood end-panels:

Sequential Six-Trak

“I am trying to revive beaten-up synths, classic and new, to any design including the original look or something sleek and insperational. It’s a shame to banish a scratched rusty synth to the confines of a studio back room, when it can be brought back as a star player with a new look and in some cases enhanced features. Wherever it can be done, we custom fit casing, end panels and mod-wheel boxes with new solid english oak to add an organic feel.”

The decals have been designed with a textured surface that also adds a very tactile surface to the synth,” adds Toman.

Details on Custom Synth’s services and more images are available at the company’s site.

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