World’s First MIDI Steel Drum Percussion Controller


Alternate Mode has introduced a new addition to their line of percussion MIDI controllers, the world’s first MIDI Steel Drum Percussion Controller, the PanKat.

The panKAT consists of 30 playing pads in a standard C pan format. Borrowing from the feature set of the malletKAT Pro, the panKAT offers a rich MIDI implementation, with total control over pitch configurations, gate, velocity, layering, loop control and more. There are 128 Factory Kits plus 128 User Kits with pitch layouts for steel drum playing, drums, percussion and more.

With additional inputs for bass drum and hi-hat, the panKAT can be used as an outrageous, drumset controller. The PanKAT is available with a General MIDI sound engine with audio inputs, outputs and a headphone jack.

More information is available at the Alternate Mode site.


  • panKAT with Padded Bag $1799
  • panKAT with Sounds and Padded Bag $1999
  • panKAT Stand $159

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