GForce M-Tron Gets Universal Binary Update

M-Tron Mellotron Virtual Instrument

GForce has announced that M-Tron, the first of the company’s Universal Binary instruments, the M-Tron, is ready for download.

This virtual keyboard is modelled on the famous tape-based instrument used on classic tracks like the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever and used by such keyboard luminaries as Rick Wakeman and Tony Banks. More recently bands such as Oasis, Radiohead and Kasabian have used the sound to great effect.

The update is free to users who purchased and registered their instrument after the 1st October 2006. For these users the instrument has automatically been allocated to their accounts at the GForce website.

If you purchased your M-Tron before 1st October 2006, you will need to update to the Universal M-Tron via the shop at a very reasonable price of £13.99 (plus VAT), €19.99 (plus VAT) or $26.00.

GForce are promising that Universal Binary versions of their remaining instruments will now be released in a matter of weeks.

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