The Vestax S-1 Premium DJ Controller

Vestax DJ ControllerThe S-1 Premium Stage Controller is a freaky hand-made DJ control instrument by Vestax. The production run of the controller is limited to 20 pieces.
The DJ controller combines ideas from turntables, guitars and other instruments to create a performance-oriented unit.


Interface: Vestax 12 inch Platter control
Cue : 4 cue play/rec
Seamless Loop : start/stop/exit
Sampler: 8 sec sampler
Effect: Franger, Delay, Filter
Cross fader: 360 degree Free direction detachable PCV.
Color: order made
Weight: 8.95kg
Size: 850 × 330 × 80mm


Disc type: CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW
Sampling frequency: 44.1KHz
Dynamic Range: 98dB
S/N ratio: 98dB(IHF-A)
MP3 data: 320Kbps Mpeg 1 Audio Layer3


Stereo 2 channel mixer
Gain, 2 band EQ, PCV Input fader, Cross fader curve control.
VCA control system.
Weight: 9.75kg
Size: 410 × 250 × 120mm

2 thoughts on “The Vestax S-1 Premium DJ Controller

  1. i love ridiculous stuff but only if it serves a purpose.

    this product is so stupid it’s unbelievable. it most likely hinders your mixing ability and anyone using that for a live act would be laughed off the stage.

    it is merely an expensive children’s toy.

  2. I think it's all a matter of getting used to. I think it'd be good showmanship to walk around the stage mixing with one of these, if you can pull it off…

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