SampleRobot shipping

sample robotSKYLIFE SampleRobot V2.40, SKYLIFE SampleRobot Essentials V2.40 and SKYLIFE WaveRobot are now shipped worldwide by ESI Audiotechnik.

SampleRobot and WaveRobot offer unique functions to sample acoustic and electronic instruments fast and easily – so you can transfer real musical instruments very easily to the digital domain and then play them with any available software sampler.

On the enclosed SampleRobot installation DVD there is over 1080MB of high quality multi-sampled content taken from famous synthesizers in Soundfont2 format. It is possible to recreate those legends with almost every software sampler.

The new SampleRobot package contains a comprehensive printed operation manual.


  • SampleRobot® Version 2.40: 329 USD (Download version)
  • SampleRobot® Version 2.40: 339 USD (Retail version)
  • SampleRobot® Essentials Version 2.40: 113 USD (Download version)
  • SampleRobot® Essentials Version 2.40: 139 USD (Retail version)
  • SampleRobot® Essentials + WaveRobot Version 2.40: 169 USD (Download version)
  • WaveRobot: 79 USD (Download version)
  • WaveRobot: 99 USD (Retail version)

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