Pettinhouse Intros Vinyl Drumkits 1.5 Drum Libraries

Vinyl Drumkit libraryPettinhouse has introduced Vinyl Drumkits 1.5, 2 separate drum kit libraries, Acoustic and electronic.

The acoustic library contains 25 drumkits for reproducing the typical sound of the ’70s. From dark bass drums and dirty snares to cruchy Hi-Hats and noisy cymbals Vinyl Drumkits-Acoustic provides a wide-ranging resource for the producer and composer that wants to recreate the groove and feel of the old crackly vinyl.

Vinyl Drumkits-Acoustic is designed for any genre that needs retro vinyl sound. It contains a MIDI STYLES Library, an essential collection of realistic and usable MIDI patterns with variations and fills.

5 new Acoustic drumkits: Vinyl Crap, Vinyl Pop, Vinyl Dark, Vinyl Groove and Vinyl Jet.

Sample Formats:

NI Battery 2-3 or Kontakt 2

The Electronic library contains 30 drumkits designed for Hip Hop, RnB, DnB, Rap, House, Techno, Trance, Ambient and Drum machine such as: TR-808, Tr-909, Casio SK-1, Linn, Korg ER-1, Roland CR-76, Yamaha CS-15.

From deep bass drums and dynamic snares to crunchy hi-hats and noisy cymbals Vinyl Drumkits-Electronic provides a far-reaching resource for who’s seeking to produce original and futuristic tracks.

Sample Formats:

NI Kontakt 2, NI Battery 2-3 and SoundFont

Cost: $65

Available for download now

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