Effectrode Debuts Limited Edition Phaseomatic Deluxe Vacuum Tube Phaser

Effectrode PhaserContinuing their series of innovative, retro-styled tube effects pedals, Effectrode has announced a limited edition of the Phaseomatic Deluxe vacuum tube phaser pedal.

That’s right – a vacuum tube-based phaser effect pedal!

This version of the PM-2.1 has an all tube signal processing path controlled by a powerful NCO (Numerically Controlled Oscillator) to drive the bulb and photocells. The tubes allow the PM-2.1 to achieve massive ‘larger-than-life’ phasing effects. The NCO is capable of generating several waveforms and is capable of super-slow 1/40Hz (duration of 40 seconds) comb filter sweeps. If this isn’t slow enough then the NCO can also be configured to produce a constant output.

The comb notches can then be moved around manually with the sweep control to produce hollow or errie timbres. The linear triangle wave shape can be used to create subtle and natural chorus effects at medium to higher modulation rates. At low modulation rates, deep tunnel and jet phasing effects can be obtained. These effects can be further excentuated by switching in the resonance. The pseudo-square wave is great for those swampy vibe tones and the stepped function is particularly effective at creating haunting and almost vocal sounds with arpeggiated picking sequences.

Finally, it is possible to inject huge amounts of feedback without overload for some funky phase-wah tones and weird 1950’s sci-fi movie ‘tonalities’.

You can preview the sound of the Phaseomatice below.

Enhanced Specifications:

  • Photo-optical vacuum tube architecture capable of phasing and true vibrato
  • Powerful mixed wave generator LFO so that phase sweep can be driven with triangle (linear), sine, psuedo-square (vibe), rise, fall, stepped and constant wave shapes that allow you to create your own unique signature sounds
  • An internal trimmer to adjust the amount of feedback in the phase-shifter section for resonance or self-oscillation. Adjsuting the internal trimmer totally changes the timbre of the phasing effect and allows for some outrageously funky and chewy textures
  • Gain can be tailored to integrate the Phaseomatic Deluxe into your rig
  • Unity (0dB) up to 6dB of gain can be achieved by removing the rear panel and replacing the gain resistor (22KOhms) with the appropriate value. The unit is supplied stock with unity gain. If the resistor is removed the gain will be 6dB
  • Photo-optical and all-tube architecture ensures massive headroom even when using high output active pickups such as EMG85’s and “LiveWires”. If you do succeed in overdriving this pedal then you’ll be experiencing super smooth, class-A, tube overdrive
  • Finished in a tough, high-gloss sky-blue powder coat finish


* Power consumption: 12 volts DC @ 1.2 amps
* Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 3 inches, weight approx 3lbs.
* Input Impedance: 1MOhm (accepts guitar, mic or line-level signals)

Retail price in USA is $529.

This batch of phasers is a limited run of 50. Each tube phaser is fitted with Mil-Spec NOS JAN Philips 12AT7 in the phase shifter sections and JJ short anode 12AX7 in the gain/mixer stage for lowest hum and microphonic noise.

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