fracturedSoftware Releases Rondo 2.5 MIDI Player

Rondo Mac MIDI player

fracturedSoftware has announced the immediate availability of Rondo 2.5, an update to its MIDI Player for OS X. This latest version of Rondo is now a Universal Binary and includes an updated look, more realistic pianos, note scrubbing, scroll wheel support, playlist folders and drag & drop support in the music library.

Rondo is unique among MIDI players as it has been designed to help non-score reading musicians follow the music as it plays. Its horizontal live-playing pianos located directly over vertical scrolling note columns make it very easy to see what notes are about to play while the innovative visual track filter allows you to visually isolate a track without affecting the audio.

Rondo has a set of intuitive controls to play, pause, fast forward and rewind your music while individual track muting allows you to switch off unwanted tracks.

Other features include the ability to jump to a specific bar or section and play through an external sound module or keyboard connected to your computer.

Rondo 2.5 is priced at US $25, and is available from Early purchasers will also be eligible for a free upgrade to version 3. Rondo 2.5 is a free upgrade for existing customers.

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