Free VST Development Kit Updated

ExpDigital have updated the Infinity API development toolkit to support VST 2.4.

The Infinity API is a free cross platform development kit designed for musical software development with specific focus on developing VST plugins. It is written in object oriented C++ with support for Mac OSX (PPC and Intel) and Windows.

New features:

  • Added VST 2.4 Support
  • Added drawing support for Composited windows on OSX
  • Added PNG Image support
  • Updated CKnob::onDoubleClick to send action event
  • Fixed several documentation bugs / typos
  • Improved windows GDI+ startup and shutdown to only occur during graphics object startup and shutdown
  • Improved windows menu drawing code (should be much quicker with sub menus now)
  • Improved windows font sizing (they are now true typographic Postscript point sizes now!)

Full feature list:

  • Large collection of template containers
  • Basic object type wrappers (strings, numbers etc)
  • File handling (I/O streams), including XML
  • Thread creation and management
  • Fully featured font handling system
  • Full alpha drawing system, including anti aliased line and text drawing
  • Ability to create, manage and control heavy weight window objects
  • Extensive set of lightweight user interface controls
  • System clipboard, drag and drop and host interaction
  • Alpha controllable menu system with ability to host images / sub menus cleanly
  • Built in support for Targa, Jpeg and PNG images, no third party libraries required
  • Midi event handling
  • Audio buffer handling
  • Built in audio file read and write (currently WAV and AIFF are supported)
  • Audio computation tools
  • Full host interaction including CPU and file system interrogation
  • Structured exception handling
  • Versatile object handling system
  • Full type info system, enabling accurate run type analysis
  • Command line feature compatible
  • VST 2.4 plug-in wrappers
  • All code 100% cross platform capable, supports Windows, Macintosh PPC and Macintosh Intel platforms
  • Consistent naming and layout of code and every function documented
  • Free under licence

OS: Windows / Mac Universal Binary

Format: Plug-in development source code

Created with: Custom C++ code

Copy protection: N/A

Cost: Free under license. Commercial licences are available to opt out of certain
licence conditions

Version: 1.0.1

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