Sinevibes Introduces Space Oscillator Synth/Sound Processor


Sinevibes has announced the Space Oscillator Audio Unit plug-in for Mac OS X, which is a unique combination of a synthesizer and a sound processor.

At its core, it has a unison oscillator with a spacious stereo sound, that can react to incoming audio in many exciting ways and is simultaneously controllable by a flexible step sequencer. Combined with many other interesting audio shaping tools, Space Oscillator allows to create new sonic textures with a lot of original character and attitude.

Intergalactic strums, droid speech, organic synth and bass lines, old-school game boy sounds, rhythmic zaps and noises, extreme lo-fi glitches and more are possible with the Space Oscillator.


  • Spacious stereo unison oscillator with wide detune range and variable frequency stepping
  • Audio-triggered envelope generator
  • Advanced step sequencer with lag processor
  • Ring modulator, bit reduction and resampling
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Extensible collection of factory patches
  • In-depth and easy to read owner’s manual

Space Oscillator is available as an Audio Unit plugin for Mac OS 10.3.9 or later (Universal Binary). It can be purchased for $29 / €23 alone, or as part of the complete Sinevibes Audio Units bundle.

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