Arturia Announces The Origin Keyboard

Arturia Origin keyboard synthesizer

Musikmesse: Arturia has announced Origin Keyboard, a new virtual analog synth that promises to be one of the sexiest new synth designs of the year.

Origin is a modular system featuring modules based on the best synthesizers of all time. Origin is not a simple hardware synthesizer, it is an integrated system offering the best out of the hardware and software worlds. It can be used stand alone to play live on stage and also as a plug-in with your sequencer in the studio environment.

The Origin Keyboard is designed to let you perform and create your music with a new level of dynamism, control and ergonomics, featuring a ribbon controller, a velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, a joystick and numerous knobs. The front panel can also be adjusted to meet your performance needs, letting you comfortably control your sounds in even the most demanding set-up situations.

Main Features:

  • Create your own patch by combining innovative modules and modules extracted from the Minimoog, the CS-80, the ARP 2600, the Moog Modular and the Prophet VS
  • Use template patches: an Origin audio structure made by connecting independent modules, or the minimoog, the ARP 2600, the CS-80, the Moog Modular
  • Up to 32 voices of polyphony for a typical patch
  • More than 500 presets created by talented musicians and synthesizer specialists
  • Superb audio quality with TAE® engine. 24 bits/96 kHz supported
  • Origin lets you open dedicated software on your Mac and PC and use it as an AU or VST plug-in. All the sounds are calculated on the machine while you work on your computer, as you would do with a native application
  • Analog: 2 audio ins, 10 audio outs. Digital: SPDIF out, USB 2.0
  • Large selection of effects: Phaser, Chorus, Delay, FX Reverb, Distortion, Param Eq, Compressor,Bitcrusher
  • 16/32 step sequencer
  • Innovative Macro, Advanced LFO, Advanced modulation modes, Advanced Joystick modes
  • MIDI : In, Out, Thru or USB 2
  • High Level of Control:
    • ultra sensitive 40cm ribbon controller
    • high quality light-weighted 61 keys keyboard, with velocity response and aftertouch
    • Modulation and pitch-bend wheels, 3-mode Joystick, 55 potentiometers, 46 encoders, 64 switches
  • Ergonomic design
    • Self adjustable front panel, from 0° to 135°, giving you total setup flexibility
    • 5.2″ TFT screen for clear visual feedback
    • Complete mobile solution, offering everything you need to perform your sounds in a single, easily transportable cabinet
  • Unique Origin Sound Engine
    • Modular system coming with more than 80 modules, some new, some excerpted from legendary synthesizers from the past
    • Accessible as a plug-in within the main sequencer programs
    • All sounds are totally editable on the Hardware but also editable through the Origin Software application

MSRP: $3499/ 2999 €
MAP: $2999/ 2499 €
Available December 2007

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