JazzMutant Intros Dexter Multitouch Sensor DAW Control Surface

Jazzmutant Dexter

Musikmesse: JazzMutant has introduced the first multitouch sensor control surface, dedicated to DAW control designed for Cubase, Sonar, Logic Pro, Nuendo, and Pyramix.

JazzMutant has partnered with leading software companies, such as Steinberg, Cakewalk and Apple, to redefine the interaction between Digital Audio Workstations and the user. This laptop-sized control surface has been designed with only one purpose in mind: making user experience more pleasant, playful and efficient. At the foundation of this design lies JazzMutant’s patented Multitouch display technology.

Here’s the info from JazzMutant’s description:

One glimpse suffices to get acquainted with Dexter’s workspace. Its design is crystal clear and immediately understandable. Dexter is fully self-documented: all functions are available through explicit icons. The main interface on Dexter accurately mimics the mixer of your DAW.

For greater visual comfort, each individual track is drawn with a specific color that represents its current state: shades of blue differentiate active tracks from muted ones, while red or yellow backgrounds make record enqbled or soloed tracks stand out from the rest. For smarter navigation a unique set of buttons allow you to rearrange Dexter’s mixer on the fly. These allow instant sorting of your channels based on your needs. For example, press the button to display only the soloed tracks on the screen. With Dexter, channels you don’t need never get in your way.


Dexter has been designed to offer the most immediate access to any features of your Digital Audio Workstation. The era of dreadful navigation buttons to configure tracks and devices is foregone. Dexter introduces a novel way of browsing through your project. The Track Edit mode offers a clear overview on all the parameters of an individual channel, including graphical EQ display, effects editing, bus sends, and surround panning.

Dexter includes an arsenal of fancy widgets meant to make operation even more efficient and pleasant. The smart Overview widget displays a miniaturized picture of the whole mixer. Dragging a finger across it discloses the content and state of each bank of tracks.


The way common control surfaces has dealt so far with plugins is just dreadful. Dexter is the first controller ever to address this frustrating limitation. For that purpose, Dexter supplies just the right tools to master all your EQs, dynamics and effects. Dexter’s beautiful EQ controller will amaze you straight away. Exactly mirroring the filter curve of your sequencer’s EQ, this appealing interface particularly benefits from Multitouch technology in order to bring spontaneity and precision to the uppermost level. Forget about those unnatural key sequences to access a particular parameter of an insert on a track. Dexter lets you jump from the touch of a finger to a unified interface that shows every effect and parameter in a clear way.

For the first time, DAW controlling actually looks and feels natural.


With its unique palette of tools dedicated to sound spatialization, Dexter is a dream come true for multichannel work. Its breakthrough surround panner provides live monitoring of up to eight channel positions in the surround space at one time. Sound sources can naturally be moved around using the tips of your fingers in the most intuitive manner. Dexter also introduces novel ways of reshaping the whole surround soundscape through simple finger gestures. Rotation of all your sources can be achieved by manipulating the panner just like a spinning vinyl! Drag two fingers apart to spray all sources away from the center.


JazzMutant introduces a whole new concept with Dexter : that of . You can now tweak in real time the resolution you want to acheive from one controller. on your faders when you need that extra bit of precision in a mix. when you’re looking for the widest range achievable. Dexter brings matchless precision to your mix that top-of-the-range physical faders just can’t compete with.

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