Unique Moog 55 Modular Synthesizer For Sale

Moog 55 modular synthesizer

Synth designer Paul Schreiber, founder of Synthesis Technologies, is selling a unique fully-restored Moog 55 modular synthesizer.

“It is always a difficult thing to describe the condition of vintage gear,” says Schreiber. “However, I can honestly say this Moog 55, after the restoration, is probably a 9.5/10 overall in physical condition.”
The Moog 55 is not a factory-stock Moog 55 system. The modules come from several systems, from 2 different Moog factories. The original power supplies were removed and replaced with brand new, Power One supplies. The wiring harness in both cabinets was completely redone from scratch. Each individual module has been restored, inspected and tested.

The 2 cabinets have been refinished as well. The cabinets are newer Moog poplar wood with a hand-rubbed oil finish.

The Moog keyboard has not been touched. The wood for the keyboard is the original Moog solid walnut. It will need a new bushing kit and calibration. There is 1 empty space in the top cabinet with a blank panel installed.

The minimum asking price is $35,500, plus shipping. Ouch!

Details are available at the Synthtech site.

6 thoughts on “Unique Moog 55 Modular Synthesizer For Sale

  1. hheart felt!

    collectors who don't play can go and suck grenades – there's serious musicians who actually want to play these instruments, let us buy them yer c**ts!…….at a decent price!

    ive just lost an ebay auction for a hammond bc – it went for undr £2k – guttered! – anyone who has tons of money who buys modular systems – I'll look after them for you and play them infront of lots of people (might even get you blags to my gigs – playing glastonbury, reading, big chill, etc.) mike

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