The Tiefenrausch Analog Synthesizer

TiefenrauschMusikmesse: Tiefenrausch is a monophonic analog synth that looks pretty innocuous. It’s a tiny synth that can be controlled via 28 knobs and 15 buttons.

However, the little beast packs a powerful punch. The manufacturer warns “It would be in your interest NOT to use headphones with Tiefenrausch. First it would be a pitty for your ears and second for your headphones…”

Two voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) are available, with each sawtooth and changeable pulsewave. The signals run through a 24dB lowpass filter, which is in the classic transistor cascade design. An AD-envelope controls the filter, and an ADSR-envelope controls the voltage controlled oscillators.

The Tiefenrausch is controllable via MIDI, so that you “squeeze it rough”, as they say in Germany, with a step sequencer.

“The sound is above suspicion and is proving one more time, that analog sound generation still can´t be replaced fully by the digital one,” notes the Tiefenrausch site. “Whether brute, phat or screaming and dirty, the Tiefenrausch is mastering all that with an enourmous power and warmth. The integrated noise generator produces white noise. So that the Tiefenrausch can be used also for percussive sounds.”

Technical data:

  • Concept: monophonic analog synthesizer
  • Voices: 2 oscillator, plus noise; sawtooth and variable pulse
  • Filter: voltage controlled 24dB/Oct lowpass filter (Moog cascade)
  • LFO: 2LFO´s, 3 waveforms and 4 Destinations ENV-mode
  • Envelopes: 1x Attack & Decay for the VCF and 1x Attack, Decay, Sustain, Sustain-Time, Release for the VCA
  • Effects: Ringmodulation and Subosczillator
  • Output: 1 Audio out (Mono) Input: 1 Audio input (Mono), MIDI
  • MIDI: 1x CV Pitch + 1x CV Aux + Gate
  • Measures: ca 300 x 166 x 40,5 mm
  • Included in delivery: Tiefenrausch, technical manual, sound manual, external power supply
  • 300mm width, 166mm height und 45mm depth

Tiefenrausch is handmade, and they anticipate a delivery period from 4 to 8 weeks.

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  1. yeah, blow out your expensive speakers instead! of course it follows that if you keep your headphones at a reasonable level, i’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

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