Musikmesse: SteckBox Universal Patch Matrix Debuts

Steckbox Universal Patch MatrixMusikmesse: SteckBox introduced its SteckBox Universal Patch Matrix.

The Steckbox is a simple, universal patchmatrix with 64 crosspoints. Eight inputs and outputs can be connected through attentuators, light sensors, buttons or simple shorting jacks… either directly, variable, controllable or not at all; the possibilities endless.

Technical details:

  • 8 x 8 passive patchmatrix with usual 1/8 inch switches

Inputs / outputs:

  • 8 mono 1/8 inch switches for each in- and output
  • 64 stereo 1/8 inch switches to connect tip and ring-contact over extra jacks with different possibilities.

According to the Steckbox site, the Steckbox probably wont be available before September 2007.

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