Ztar Z7-S Master MIDI Guitar Controller Lets Guitarists Synth Out

Ztar Z7-S Master MIDI Guitar Controller

The new Ztar Z7-S master MIDI guitar controller from Starr Labs offers guitarists high-speed MIDI control. The Ztar differs from other guitar synths by having a glitch-free, 6-string x 24-fret touch-sensitive keyboard that’s ideal for playing synthesizers.

The Z7S fingerboard is fully polyphonic, meaning it can play more than one-note-per-string can be played simultaneously. The programmable fingerboard has 32 separate zones each with its own channel, voice, transposition, and several advanced settings. Six fast, sensitive String Triggers, Position-sensing Ribbon controller, programmable Volume Pot, Sustain and Volume pedal ports, and 2 line x 40 character programming display.

The Ztar system is not subject to the tracking delays and glitches found in traditional guitar synths. The Z7-S sports most of the hardware features and all of the software features that complement the high-end Ztar controllers but at a more affordable price.

List price $1495. Options include USB, Sound Card, Neck-bender strip, Breath control, PC patch editor, leg rest, custom paint.

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