Groove Monkee Releases Blues MIDI Library

Groove MonkieGroove Monkee has released their 8th library of MIDI beats – Groove Monkee Blues, which contains over 800 beats for blues and blues rock arranged as 8 and 12-bar segments.

The library includes 11 full-length songs plus additional intros, fills and endings. The beats are formatted for GM, BFD and EZDrummer. Additional formats such as DFH1, DFH2, DFHS, DFH C&V, Groove Agent and IMAP are available free of charge.

Groove Monkee Blues:

  • 800 MIDI Beats
  • 11 Full-Length Blues Songs
  • 8 and 12-Bar Segments
  • 140 additional Drum Fills
  • Additional Intros and Endings
  • Formatted for BFD, EZDrummer and GM

Formats included: GM, BFD, EZDrummer and Session Drummer 1
Formats available: DFH 1, DFH 2, DFH C&V, DFHS, Groove Agent and IMAP

The Library is available now via instant download or on CD. Groove Monkee offers free MIDI samples and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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