Egnater Holding Two-Day Amp Build Seminar June 2nd and 3rd

On Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3, 2007, Egnater is offering a two day DIY Amp Build Seminar. The classes are held at Egnater World Headquarters in Berkley, Michigan located just north of Detroit (Rock City).

This is an cool opportunity for anyone interested in learning about how amps work.

When you sign up for the class, you are also purchasing a custom amplifier kit. The finished amp (that you build) is a hand-wired, Marshall JCM800 (2204) “style” head. The circuits Egnater has designed for you are highly modified to create much more gain; fatter, smoother tone; and more depth and fullness than a stock JCM.

Each participant has his/her own workstation for the two days. On day one, Bruce Egnater and his staff will walk you through the process of building your amp kit, one step at a time. Failure isn’t an option, as you will be guided by professionals each step of the way. You are guaranteed to walk out at the end of the day with a great sounding amp that you built with your own hands. Day two is reserved for learning about how tube amps work and how you can do your own modifications.

The last day to sign up is May 1, 2007.

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