Abaltat Releases Abaltat Beat Music Style Editing Tool

NAB: Abaltat announced that Abaltat Beat, a new software solution that works as both a beat calculator and a stand-alone rhythm machine, is now available for download.

Abaltat Beat reads and analyzes a cut picture’s edit decision list (EDL) using comparative analysis of beats-per-minute (BPM) and the edited rate of the picture to suggest a series of best-possible fits. This BPM can be played back in sync with the picture using a series of drum patterns included in Abaltat Beat. The time signature and tempo of the drum patterns can be adjusted (from 3/4 to 4/4, for example) to allow for a complete recalculation of the drum track to evaluate suitability of the music style to the edited video.

Abaltat Beat can export these results to a midi file, so the project can easily be sent to a musician for further composition work. It can also be sent as a QuickTime file with the audio in sync to the picture. Because the time is expressed in BPM, Abaltat Beat makes it possible to search music libraries for pieces using the desired BPM.

All BPM selections work with Abaltat Muse, a video-driven soundtrack composer.

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