New Hymnal Goes High-Tech

Valley of VisionQRS Music Technologies has introduced a high-tech version of Gulbransen Digital Hymnal.

The Digital Hymnal DH200 uses CompactFlash card technology, letting you download standard MIDI files and MP3 files to expand the unit’s vast software library capabilities.In addition to CompactFlash technology, the new DH200 has an upgradeable operating system.

The Hymnal plays thousands of hymns, choruses and praise music using a wide variety of styles and orchestrations and has a patented “Amen” feature. An s-video output enables lyric display.

The Gulbransen Digital Hymnal is about the size of a 3-ring binder, the Hymnal is completely self-contained, lightweight and portable, with full remote capabilities. It provides an affordable music accompaniment solution for smaller churches or any group that needs a flexible, portable music solution.

“The interest in and response to the new Gulbransen Digital Hymnal DH200 has been overwhelming, undoubtedly due to the incredible versatility and affordability of the product,” said Tom Dolan, President of QRS. “Our customers span denominations and include small and large churches, military bases and even individuals using the hymnal for everything from indoor worship services to outdoor weddings and rallies.”

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