Korg Intros Awesome KM-202 and KM-402 KAOSS Mixers

Korg Kaoss Mixer

Korg has introduced two entirely droolworthy Kaoss DJ mixers. The two-channel KM-202 and four-channel KM-402 Dynamic DJ Mixers are hybrid products that combine the effects and interface from the renowned KAOSS Pad with a performance-oriented 24-bit digital DJ mixer complete with a variety of independent EQ types and adjustable crossfader curves.



The KM-202 and KM-402 incorporate one hundred popular effects from the mini-KP KAOSS Pad. The user simply moves their finger along the built-in X/Y pad to easily control a multitude of effects parameters for advanced and powerful effects changes. Effects range from filters, phasers, delays and reverbs, to unique effects such as a real-time looper and synth section. A Tap Tempo button makes it easy to keep the many BPM effects in time with the current source material. A Program Memory key enables users to quickly save and recall effect programs. An FX Release function keeps delay and reverb tails intact when releasing the pad, and a KAOSS button allows users to assign the KAOSS Pad to each channel.

The new mixers employ full-digital processing to provide six unique EQ types to suit any sound. Created with input from leading artists, the EQ presets include curves that cut only the low-frequency region while boosting the mid-range, as well as extreme EQ types that use the knobs as isolators for each frequency band. Each channel has a dedicated three-band EQ that responds according to the EQ curve selected via a top panel six-position knob.

Each mixer offers line and phono inputs. Also included is a Mic input, which can be routed through the KAOSS Pad for effects treatment or vocoding, or be used as a stand-alone talkback source. Both units also provide Master and Booth outputs, a Headphone/Booth monitoring switch (for cueing material) and six-step LEDs for output signal monitoring. A jack guard provides protection to the I/O section for enhanced durability.

Additionally, the adjustable crossfader curves and calibration function allows users to tailor the mixer to suit their ideal feel and control, from traditional signal mixing to the most athletic scratch-based performance.

The new Korg KM-402 and KM-202 Dynamic DJ Mixers will be available in June 2007 with pricing TBA.

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