SonicProjects Releases OP-X 2.0 Software Synthesizer

SonicProjects OP-X

SonicProjects has released version 2.0 of its Oberheim OB-X clone, which is ready for shipping. The update brings a completely new GUI, new envelopes, enhanced analog approximations and a lot of new sounds.

Note to SonicProjects: those gorgeous 3-D renderings of software synths makes us lust for real hardware synths, not virtual synths.

The OP-X has an independent signal path for each voice like its analog godfather, bringing back all the liveliness and organic power of a real analog synth caused by slightly different sounding voices. The faithful SEM-Filter emulation keeps the famous characteristic behaviour of never sounding thin even at highest resonance settings.

This analog behaviour and sonic power is extended by all the digital advantages like parameter automation and MIDI CC remote control.

The OP-X is available as VST-plugin for Windows and as Reaktor ensemble for Mac and Windows. There’s an enhanced version called OP-X PRO which features a continuously controllable multimode filter, enhanced modulation possibilities and virtual trimpots to tune the individual voices manually like in real hardware.


  • OP-X VST: USD 99
  • OP-X Reaktor: USD 49
  • OP-X PRO: USD 149

excl. VAT

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