Direct Bjork’s Next Video!

Bjork videoBjork is calling on fans to make the video for her new song Innocence. A post on Bjork’s official website is calling upon the help of any budding video makers:

Björk has suggested the idea, that the video to Innocence of Volta is to be made by anyone who wants to. She has asked the Madwebcarpenters to help out in finding “you” to make the video. We said: Yes.

Innocence Video Competition

We will for convenience sake call this a competition as it will be Björk who will choose the video and maker to work with.

The timeline is that the video needs to be ready at the beginning of August, when Björk will collaborate with the winner to complete the video. The video needs though to be sent in 3 weeks prior to that so they can be viewed and chosen. The format submitted for viewing will have to be a reasonable sized Quicktime file.

Even though creative tools are provided, it is not an necessity to use them. We just love the sculpture!!!

Those interested are directed to the contest page where you can get all the necessary details, including the song lyrics and photographs.

All entries are to be submitted by early July, when the best ones will be judged for inclusion.

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