Beta Monkey Releases Groove Construction Kits II

Beta Monkey has released Groove Construction Kits II, a collection of acoustic drum and cymbal samples.

Groove Construction Kits II offers 100% pure acoustic multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples for use in all software and hardware samplers. The samples represent some of the most popular drum and cymbals available, including such industry standards as DW, Pearl, Tama, Zildjian, and Sabian. The drum and cymbal sample library offers eight complete drum kits, extensively recorded to ensure realistic and dynamic drum tracks.

The kits available:

  • DrumKit_01 Big and Brassy
  • DrumKit_02 Garage Days (24 Bit)
  • DrumKit_03 Big in Brooklyn
  • DrumKit_04 Big in Brooklyn Again
  • DrumKit_05 Saucy Sausalito
  • DrumKit_06 Pearl in a Little Room
  • DrumKit_07 Pearl Multi-Mic
  • DrumKit_08 Dry Rock Kit


Tasteful EQ and compression, enhanced by the natural ambiance of several different recording rooms, allow users a complete and ready-to-go collection of acoustic drums and cymbals. Drums are sampled at multiple tunings as well as multiple variations of stick attacks. Extra attention is given to the snare sample packs, with multiple strike velocities and voices (cross sticks, snares off, etc.). The multi-sampling of each cymbal voice is likewise extensive. Cymbals are sampled with multiple stick hits, but also offer cymbal chokes, rolls, and other samples not commonly found but vital to realistic drum tracks.

Beta Monkey’s Groove Construction Kits II drum and cymbal samples are ideal for multiple styles of rock, pop, country, blues, and metal. All samples are available as 16 and 24-bit, 44.1kHz mono and stereo drum samples in WAV format. These samples have been previously issued on individual Beta Monkey releases. Because of customer requests, this collection repackages only the single hits previously issued on Beta Monkey loop releases.

Groove Construction Kits II is now available for $29.99.

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