DrumCore Demo, LT Versions Now Available

Submersible Music now has a demo version available of DrumCore. In addition, DrumCore LT, the DrummerPack player, provides access to DrumCore quality grooves with the purchase of DrummerPack libraries.

DrumCore LT is a “lite” version of DrumCore 2, and is positioned as a DrummerPack player – giving musicians, producers and songwriters access to DrummerPack content for merely the price of the DrummerPack(s) they purchase ($69 US MAP).

Users download the free DrumCore LT player from www.submersiblemusic.com, then purchase their DrummerPack(s) and import the DrummerPack(s) into DrumCore LT. Then they can start writing songs using DrumCore LT and their favorite recording software (Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, etc.).

DrumCore LT libraries can be further expanded by purchasing more DrummerPacks or by upgrading to DrumCore. DrumCore LT only allows use of Submersible DrummerPack content. Full versions of DrumCore come with more content and allow importing any WAV, AIFF, REX2, Acid or MIDI files plus editing and creation of user MIDI drumkits.

DrumCore LT Features:

DrummerPack librarian/search features – the fastest way to find great beats

The DrumCore search engine provides quick access to the grooves, fills, variations and drum sounds found in DrummerPacks. Search DrummerPack content based on drummer, style (rock, funk, country, and others), feel (straight, shuffle, etc.), time signature and tempo. It is a great tool for quickly finding the groove you need.

GrooveSets – building blocks for creating a great drum track

DrummerPack content is organized in “GrooveSets” that feature a basic groove, variations and fills that support standard song structure (intros, verse, chorus, etc.). The grooves are available as audio files and as MIDI, complete with the drummer’s MIDI drumkit sounds that match the groove.

MIDI drumkits
– access to impeccably recorded kits used by hit-proven drummers

DrumCore LT includes a MIDI instrument that gives you instant access to the drumkits and percussion sounds included with any DrummerPack. ReWire integration means that any pad (snares, kicks, etc.) can be routed to your recording software’s mixer to allow custom mixes and processing. Want some great Latin percussion? Get the Luis Conte (Sergio Mendes), “LuisPack I” DrummerPack for a toy box of great Latin sounds. Only care about those big, rockin’ drum sounds? Grab the Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver) DrummerPack. Now get great drum sounds in a lot of styles without a lot of fuss or expense!

The “Gabrielizer” – fuel for the creative process

DrumCore’s “Gabrielizer” technology intelligently generates variations on audio or MIDI content based on a set of “drummer rules”. Cut it up from mild to wild with the Gabrielizer! Then export the file to your digital audio workstation (DAW) for cool, new beat variations.

DrumCore Demo Features:

  • See how DrumCore works with the new DrumCore Demo
  • The new DrumCore Demo is essentially DrumCore LT loaded with a minimal, example GrooveSet by Ben Smith, drummer for Heart and other artists (also included with DrumCore LT)
  • DrumCore Demo and DrumCore LT for PC and Macintosh are available today in the Support->Download area

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