Ueberschall Releases Groove Shadow Elastik FX Loops Library

Ueberschall Releases Groove Shadow Elastik FX Loops LibraryUeberschall has released Groove Shadow Elastik, a set of FX Loops developed to help add uniqueness and body to standard grooves and motifs.

The Elements are derived from incidental sounds which occur in nature, electrical components, musical instruments and phrases, audio manipulation, machines and a variety of other sources.

The Groove Shadow Elastik library comes with:

  • Over 3.5GB of brand new content
  • Over 400 Groove Shadows split in 4 frequency parts = 1.600 totally new FX loops
  • Over 4.000 single sound FX
  • User and DAW friendly Elastik Audio Engine

The Groove Shadow Elastik library is a designed for:

  • Club DJs
  • Jingle Composers
  • Broadcast DJs
  • Animators
  • Game-audio Specialists
  • Film Music Producers

3.5GB, 400 Groove Shadows, 1,600 Loops, over 4,000 single sound FX

The sound library comes along with the loop player “Elastik” includes features like:

  • Highspeed timestretching and pitchshifting in best quality
  • Innovative “LoopEye” for fast loop variations
  • All parameters midi controllable
  • Multiple content management
  • Each product separately installable
  • Mapping tools (automatic slice- & chromatic-map)
  • Save audio of original and modified loops
  • Creation of user presets
  • Filter with “kill function” (-72db)
  • Adaptable to tempos from 10 to 480 bpm
  • Audio engine for quick adaptation
  • And many many more

Ueberschall’s Groove Shadow Elastik is available for USD 119,- (€99,-)

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