Circuit-Bent Worms Make Glitchtronica

If you ever wondered how glitchtronica musicians generate random bursts of weirdness, this YouTube video may make it all clear:

Here we see an ensemble of worms creating experimental electroacoustic music on an electric touch contact feedback device (battery powered). No worms were harmed, and they were hastily removed and now live happily outside once again.

Here’s another batch of wormtronica:

A solo worm improvising upon a specially adapted and destabilised FM synthesis circuit disembowelled from a Yamaha PSS-470. The Yamaha FM synthesis board is sensitivised by overclocking it with a painfully high quartz crystal (17 Mhz), various components have either been removed or replaced, and the entire circuit hard wired to run on the lowest possible current/voltage (to avoid the worm getting hurt). The worm was safely returned to its natural habitat.

Somebody is going to have to give this a try with some higher voltages. Where’s Eric Barbour when you need him?

via Sonic State

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