Magma Releases External PCI Express for Laptops

MagmaMagma has announced the availability of ExpressBox¹, the first external PCI Express expansion product for laptop computers.

ExpressBox¹ provides a solution for attaching a PCI Express card to laptop computers through the ExpressCard slot appearing on many new PC notebooks and the Apple MacBook Pro.

With Magma ExpressBox¹ you can attach a “desktop-only” PCI Express (PCI-E) card to your laptop. ExpressBox¹ makes it possible to combine the power of a desktop and the mobility of a laptop into a powerful, flexible, mobile workstation. For example, a user can turn a typical, middle-of-the-road laptop into a powerful gaming, scientific computer or audio and video editing workstation by simply installing the right PCI Express card to ExpressBox¹.

Magma ExpressBox¹ (Model EB1H) supports a half-length card up to 6.60 inches long: $729.00.

Magma ExpressBox¹ Pro (Model EB1F) is made for a full-length card up to 12.283 inches long: $749.00.

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