Tilomo – Soft Lunch

Tilomo is a guitar/laptop solo project from Philadelphia electronica artist Tim Motzer. Motzer is a guitarist, composer and producer that is comfortable working in multiple genres, ranging from downtempo to hip-hop to experimental abstronica.

On Soft Lunch, Motzer creates improvised glitchtronica soundscapes. While Motzers’ sounds are often bitcrushed and abrasive, they are filtered through a wash of ambient reverberation, turning aggresive glitch sounds into more relaxing soundscapes.

Motzer creates a tension by placing the crunchy electronic sounds of glitch music in a huge reverberant acoustic space. As a result, the music moves almost imperceptibly from sounding grating to melodic to hauntingly beautiful. It’s an interesting combination, because it retains the quirkiness and edginess of experimental electronica while also embracing the warmth and depth of ambient effects.

Motzer’s Soft Lunch is not the type of ambient music that you’re likely to use as sonic perfume. It demands more of you as a listener – but if you enjoy more experimental electronic music, it also offers more rewards.


  • Soft Lunch
  • Blue Samari
  • Embrace
  • Gelid
  • Chi Moto
  • Zen Assembler
  • Spellbound
  • Shadow Guitar
  • Sadness
  • After They’ve Gone

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